What You Need to Know About Installing a Home Theatre System

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Published: 08th August 2012
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Installing a home theatre system is a lot like taking photos of an important event—to capture the subject’s best angle in its best resolution, the equipment used must be carefully set up.

However, the thought of installing a home theatre system can be intimidating to most people; setting up the equipment and wiring a number of cables, including the stereo cable and the AV cable can seem too daunting a task for them. Although one can simply hire a professional to get the job done, the fees involved can be somewhat steep. And it would have been better to invest the costs elsewhere, such as buying home theatre furniture.

If you are looking to set up your own home theatre system and have basic knowledgeof electronics, here are some things you need to know first.

What is a Home Theatre System?

Before the advent of home theatre systems, cinemas and movie houses were the only places where film enthusiasts can watch their favourite motion pictures. Today, despite the continued popularity of cinemas, more and more people have been installing home theatre systems to magnify their film experience.

A home theatre system is a collection of electronic audio and video devices designed to duplicate how one experiences movies in cinemas. The surround-sound and clearer picture that home theatres produce is what sets them apart from ordinary television sets. To achieve this, the system must include a larger television set or projection screen, audio and video input devices such as Blu-ray disc or DVD player, and a stereo system with multiple speakers.

Things to Consider Before Installing a Home Theatre System

Prior to the installation of the home theatre system, the following factors must be considered to save time and avoid trouble:

• Location and area of the home theatre –Ideally, home theatre rooms should be rectangular and enclosed, where no outside light can shine through. The area must be neither too big, nor too small, to reproduce the desired cinematic effect. You can draw a floor plan to decide where the equipment and other furniture will be placed once the room has been set up. Also, the room capacity must be determined to know how many people will fit comfortably inside the room.

• Light Sources – How and where the lighting is positioned in the room is necessary to complete your movie experience. The picture can be seen well if the room is darker; however, this might strain the eyes. Putting the light against the projector isn’t also advised since this may reduce the colour or intensity of the picture. To have a softer but ambient light source, experts suggest placing the light behind the screen or to the sides.

• Cables and wiring – The quality of the stereo, AV, and component cable is also another thing to consider when setting up a home theatre system. It follows that the higher the quality of the cable, the better the quality of picture and sound produced. Furthermore, organising and labelling the wires and cables can also help whencertain issues arise in the future.

• Speakers– In cinemas, several amplifier units and satellite speakers are embedded to make the audio very realistic. In home theatre systems, the number of speakers will depend on the size of the room you have. At least three speakers should be positioned in the front and to either side of the listener to produce a good sound.

• Soundproofing – Most owners convert their dens or basements as home theatre rooms, primarily because the environment is quieter and far from distractions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to put up sound proofing panels as they may help reduce the reverberation in the room.

Home theatres have truly revolutionised how movie buffs enjoy films. They make the viewing of films more intimate and personal as one can watch them in the company of family and friends.

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