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Published: 19th December 2011
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Some ladies find it difficult to create different looks for themselves, and even applying makeup that best suits them can be a challenge. All they really need is a little guidance and a push into the right direction. The Relauncher helps women discover the personal makeover that they desire. They want them to look good to feel good through their different self-rejuvenation tips, programs and lessons. Whether they like to start their change be improving their relationships or with their physical appearance, The Relauncher offers a range of services to help ladies of all ages relaunch themselves. Their different lifestyle programs, hair and makeup lessons, health and fitness activities, and other makeover products will definitely give women a big push forward in their desired personal makeover and achieve the rejuvenation they’re hoping for.

Most ladies prefer to begin their transformation with something that can make them look good and feel stunning. One of the best ways to do this is through beautiful makeup that can add a huge difference to a lady’s look whether she’s going out during the day or night, attending a formal or casual occasion, or simply enhancing her office style. Good makeup gives a brighter glow to a woman’s look. The Relauncher has different makeup lessons packages that women can choose from to help them achieve the radiant look they’re longing for.

Makeup lessons to suit different facial structures

Achieving the best makeup is not easy, but it can be done by highlighting the best features of the face and knowing the existing external conditions. Here are some factors to consider when applying makeup:

• Season – different seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) entail different tones and shades to let your beauty shine during that particular season
• Skin type – different skin types (smooth, dry, soft, sensitive, dark, fair, etc.) need different makeup tools to enhance or correct the skin type or complement complexion
• Weather – different weather conditions (bright, wet, gloomy, dark, sunny, etc.) affect the glow of your face so you need to apply the appropriate makeup colours and styles
• Occasion – different occasions demand different makeup styles and designs
• Age – makeup style must be appropriate for your age to avoid aging yourself beyond your years, and making sure that you maintain a youthful glow.

These makeup application factors may sound a little daunting, but The Relauncher’s makeup lessons packages: makeup lessons done at the studio, makeup lessons at home, special occasion makeup lessons, bridal makeup lessons, or makeup personal shopper service, can help. With their makeup stylists’ expert advice during these sessions, ladies will find these makeup lessons exciting, helpful and professional and they help through providing the right guidance, practice and tools. After these makeup lessons, the ladies will learn several makeup techniques, including how to:

• prepare the skin to be an ideal canvas to work on
• ensure that the make-up will last
• choose the look and colour palettes that best suit the skin, hair tones, wardrobe and lifestyle
• create make-up profiles for a variety of occasions: ideal daytime makeup, special day makeup, evening events makeup
• update one’s everyday look with special makeup techniques

The highly trained and specialised makeup artists, who provide hands-on makeup lessons, will show ladies how to achieve the best looks for their skin, age and face structure. With their help, ladies can now learn how to make themselves look beautifully glamorous or radiantly natural.

The Relauncher ( is a one-stop shop for lifestyle and personal makeover solutions.Your relaunch can include makeup lessons, a personal stylist or personal shopper and skin & body rejuvenation. Your destination for beauty, pampering, health, lifestyle and personal makeover solutions.

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